Saturday, May 21, 2011

Okrasa 1500 'S' ??

With the 40hp Okrasa heads back from having been wet blasted, new guides fitted and the original seats re-cut, plus of course being machined out to suit the 83 / 85.5 mm cylinder OD, I thought why not install them on the 1500 'S' bottom end I am building?

As you can see, the heads are only bolted down for measurement purposes.

The bottom end of the 1500 'S' engine is all together now based around the original panel van crank case (60,000 mile case). About the only thing I did to the case, 20 years ago, was to align bore it 0.50 mm. Otherwise it's unmodified.

The crank is a later model 69 mm unit ('X' drilled) and has been balanced along with the NOS alloy and steel fans, flywheel and clutch. The crank was also ground 0.25 mm by the local crank grinding man that has done all of my cranks for the last 15 + years.

Lets just say the con rods are also updated...

The pistons and cylinders are NOS KS 83 mm domed 1500 'S' units that I bought years ago from New York. The pistons have been balanced of course and the cylinders have been high temp VHT painted black just because I hate the look of rust.

The distributor is an original 1500 'S' ZV/JCU4R3 unit that was restored a couple of years ago using NOS parts.

The oil cooler is a reco unit I found also many years ago and is a small gallery unit, correct for the engine.

The oil pump is an NOS German unit also found about 10 years ago.

Next up with the engine is to get the valves, check the chamber volume's, fabricate some manifolds to suit the stock 32 PDSIT 1500 carbs (currently being rebuilt), and once that is done, remove the heads from this engine as they will be bolted onto the original engine currently residing in my 1964 1500 'S'.

That engine already has a 74 mm SPG roller crank and 83 mm bore so these heads should wake it up a bit.
While the original engine is out, the flywheel will also be replaced with an NOS crown alloy one that I have had the ring gear changed out to an NOS 6V unit. Still a lot to do but moving forwards.

I wonder if the NOS Abarth exhaust will be here in time as well, just to finish the engine off?

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