Friday, December 26, 2014

1997 photo's (or about then anyway)

Recently a friend from Queensland sent me a bunch of photo's that we think he took back in 1997. I was quite surprised to see them and had no idea they existed so thanks Monas!
I had to have them scanned into digital format before posting here so now that's done, enjoy. I have perhaps 2000 more photographs I need to digitise so perhaps over the coming winter of 2015 (when I am bored) I will start to post them up on the blog.
The first image is of the 'S' parked near the Hackney pub (just outside of the Adelaide CBD) looking pretty shiny and nice with a set of genuine Bosch fog lamps attached up front. I still have these spot lights somewhere but they wont be installed on the freshly restored car so enjoy the image with them.

Next up is a picture of Andrews Type 3 panel van.
Yes it's a genuine panel van squareback but with the metal panels removed and glass installed (the original panels are safely put away for this car).
This is an all original paint car and with all the original parts still in place. It doesn't look any different right now compared to back then almost 20 years ago which is excellent news.
Interestingly, the paint combination of Ruby Red with the white roof is exactly how my panel van was before I went and changed it to black when I was young and stupid. And as a side note, I believe that every panel van assembled in Australia had a white roof.

And there is the 1500 'S' again. Looks so shiny in these images and you would be forgiven for thinking I am a nut job for dismantling the car however the images shown earlier in the blog of the rust and issues with the car demonstrate the reasoning behind it. All original and apart from me lowering it a bit (I may lower it slightly for the rebuild too), just about as stock as it gets and featuring a few accessories such as the mud flaps, venetian, reverse lights and knuckle guards. I have since removed and sold all of those accessories as I want the car to feature only performance based products in the future like the Okrasa heads, SPG crank, Abarth exhaust etc. No showy stuff for me moving forward.

And here it is next to Dave P's 40hp beetle and judging by the tail pipes, it still has the 40hp engine installed...

Thanks again Mona's for the images. These photo's capture the 1500 'S' on probably it's last VW outing before it was stored away for 15 years to await it's restoration which is currently well underway.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Almost a rolling 1500 'S' pan


Well here is perhaps the last update for the 2014.

As you can see, the front suspension and Maico brakes are coming along nicely.
I am awaiting the transaxle nose mount to get to me from the USA - the mount I had put away for the car is the slightly larger later model one which wont fit correctly so that was a bummer and brain fade on my part. As soon as that is here, the transaxle gets installed, the spring plates and the engine. Then the fun begins with altering the tin ware to suit the Okrasa heads.
But one cant rush these things. I have learnt that if I rush it, I tend to balls it up so even though its moving slowly, it's still moving a lot faster than a lot of projects out there that are all talk and no action. Just try to spend 1/2 hour to an hour every day and the results will be there people! Just do it!
With the floor pan rolling shortly, I will jump into the body work of the notchback body for 2015 and see how far I get with that. 2014 has been very productive for me on this car (I also assembled the mechanicals on a 1952 replica split window beetle as well as many other non car things like getting married) so I can't see why the bodywork cant be completed next year.
All the best for 2015!