Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mostly wiring and electrical this time 17/04/2013

Removed most of the wiring loom and associated parts last night. A few additions to the wiring loom to be dealt with such as a horn relay but hey it's a 50 year old car (almost) so one has to expect some modifications I suppose.

Almost everything that was removed came out easily and without force and mostly everything is in quite good condition but obviously a bit dirty after having sat there for 50 years.

I expect another good session in the garage will get the body stripped down to nothing and then the body can be removed.

It's no good denying it, the car has a bit of rust to deal with (nothing major fortunately) and once it is stripped all the way down, I will focus on the repairs that need to be performed. That will be the priority shortly.

EBI 2019 Mach1 VW Display