Saturday, October 27, 2012

October 2012 update

The '56 oval is just about ready to be dropped on the replacement '56 floor pan now. I have stripped almost every part from the body except for the fenders and doors. I suspect the bolts would snap off from the fenders, so they can stay there. The doors need a bit of work too to get rid of rust and I need to replace the lower hinge area of the body so for now, I am leaving well enough alone.

The original pan had some major rust where the frame head attached, so I have stashed that away for now and will use this other '56 pan as donated by Finn.

This is not a key project for me, just something to work on in the future as time permits.

And a preview of the engine currently in the engine stand. More on this later.

Wow Greg, that is a big cam you got there!

EBI 2019 Mach1 VW Display