Saturday, August 3, 2013

Busy with everything as usual

Have not had much time to post of late but have been working on the notchback when time permits.

The engine will be at a presentable stage within the next week or so after I machine the cylinders 4.50 mm. This will get me to 8.5:1 with my combination of SPG 74mm crank and 83mm 40hp pistons with the 40hp Okrasa heads. More on this shortly once the heads are bolted down!

I have also had the original photo of the car that was very kindly sent by the family of the man that bought it brand new photographed and enhanced as much as possible (it was kind of fuzzy when it was taken in 1965).

I am very lucky to have this photo. Next step is to get it reprinted, framed and mounted in the VW room that has recently been built.

EBI 2019 Mach1 VW Display