Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sold to the highest bidder!

I just sold my last complete set of spare genuine M265 Type 3 Panel Van window panels to another dedicated early Type 3 guru.

These were removed as 2 x pairs from 2 x seperate panel van's over the years that I found and I hope they find their new home soon, spot welded into another early squareback.

I also supplied the new owner with genuine Australian only long and short hinges for the cargo area and some of the luggage protector strips so he is on the right track with an accurate replica now.

You wont see these panels turn up very often it has to be said, and no I don't have any more.
The only spares I have now are 1 x long hinge and 4 x short luggage protector strips. If you need these, send me an email and we will do a deal.

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