Monday, January 3, 2011

MK 2 GTI update

Forgot to mention that the GTI should be back home in another week.
As you can see from the image, the GTI copped a bit of damage when some dick reversed into it a while back. I think on reflection it was for the best though as I have replaced the front hood, the GTI grille, headlights, the radiator support panel, all the wheels (Polo 15 inch alloys with low profile Michelin's), and the windscreen seal (there was a small spot of rust under there that required attention). I can't wait to see the car all freshly painted (the front half anyway...).
One of the reason's I have been busy of late is the fitting of a low mileage MK 3, 2.0 ABA engine into this car (while it's been getting the panel work completed). The original 1.8 GTI engine had a head gasket failure anyway so it was an easy decision. Not a straight forward conversion by the way!
A big thanks to Rhys for the good work on the engine installation thus far.

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  1. Dear VW friend, there are some cool pictures of the "Fusca Day" in the VW factory, São Paulo, Brazil!