Monday, November 13, 2017

HO 2017 - The Type 3's

My lovely wife and I flew over to Germany this year for the HO event and what follows are some of the Type 3's seen there (yes some Type 3's make it there even though....)

Odd wheels I had not seen before.

Clear lenses and the period wheels look okay on this 2 tone.

Caught up with Mike Dempster, Danny Lord and Simon Thompson while there. Clearly we have eaten too many wursts!

Neat early push button 1500 'S' notchback on some reasonable wheels. Makes a nice change from BRM's!

USA spec red flats. Not bad!

Mario's T36 Panel Van looking good. It needs sign writing all over it me thinks.

Such a clean T36.

Yeah not a fan of those bloody coolers but anyway, not a bad colour combo and it is an early T31.

Very early front VW badge. Not something we see in Australia.

Correct way to do a factory 2 tone on a T31.

Front 2 tone paint on T31.

Mike Dempsters T34. I would love to have this in my garage. I don't think that will happen...

And electric sunroof too. Awesome work Mike.

Proper early T34 nose badge. Another item seldom seen.

What a combo. Me, Sime, Mark and Finn in front of a Hebmuller. Normal state of affairs in HO.

Trio of T34's

Another very decent T34 but with a venetian. Funny story about these venetians is that VW never offered them and I had a number of them made here in Adelaide back in the 1990's by the company that made T31 and T36 venetians (as well as all other VW venetians) during the 1960's and 1970's for VW Australia. So technically these T34 are correct but they were never offered when the cars were new.

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