Wednesday, December 5, 2018

LIGHT MOTORS foil sticker update

Huge credit to Chris Anderson ( for recreating the LIGHT MOTORS PTY LTD foil dealer dash sticker reproduction for my car.

The correct colour for your car as delivered by LIGHT MOTORS PTY LTD here in Adelaide is dependent on the sticker it came with - there was no hard and fast rule by the looks of it. All of them look fine (light blue, medium blue or black) and all are OK.

As you can see below, the reproduction and the original are almost 100% identical.
If anything, the new one is more accurately laid out as you might expect and the corners are nicely cut.

The rear window water slide decal for LIGHT MOTORS will be the next candidate to finish my car off and may prove to be a bit more difficult than I initially thought.

* UPDATE January 2019 * these foil stickers are all now SOLD. Contact Chris Anderson on the above URL if you require any of these for your Adelaide delivered VW please.

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