Saturday, January 12, 2019

Special visit from Ron Fleming to Adelaide 2018

Late 2018, I was advised that Ron Fleming would be in Adelaide to see the sights and sounds of this wonderful city. I had met Ron a couple of times previously in the USA and Germany, and as Ron was staying with a mate of mine here who is assembling a VW drag car, it seemed the right thing to do to offer my hand out to show Ron dinner (on my birthday with my wife no less) and my pair of air cooled VW's currently in the garage while he was in town. And perhaps sign an original magnesium BRM as well.

Here we are behind the black 1500 in front of the signed FAT shirt I bought back a few years back while in California. I think Ron was a bit surprised to see it. He also liked the Berg shirt signed by Gene and Gary Berg under glass too.

Wearing my finest worn out DKP shirt with grease on it and welding holes no less! Who gives a toss.

We had a good chat about an engine currently under construction here in Adelaide based around a brand new 2-piece ARPM case bought back in the day by our friend Andrew. Roller lifter cam modifications have me excited. More than that I cannot elaborate yet...

Here we are in Adelaide after eating way too much decent French food and requiring a lay down! Sam the plumber pulled out the keys to his bug and took Ron home after dinner and didn't manage to hurt him so Sam is in the good books although seat belts were mentioned (!).

Thanks for heading over Ron and sharing your input and wisdom on a number of issues. It was rewarding to hear some of the insights into the early days of the scene I am so keen to be involved with and I hope you enjoyed seeing both my black and green VW's while here. See you in Germany 2019 at Bad Camberg.

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