Friday, 23 July 2010

NOS 1500 'N' Single Carb Air Cleaner

Just some simple images of an NOS 1500 'N' air cleaner I have stashed away to show the location of factory applied decals and red paint.
As you can see the red arrow on the top is a bit of a poor job but it is there and lines up well with the lower arrow which is pressed into the housing.
Also note that as this is a later 1500 'N' air cleaner and not an early VW-1500 air cleaner, it does not use the large flat washer below the plated wing nut / bolt.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Notchback air vent trims

Here is a set of front intake trims to suit early Type 3's (recessed air intake grille).
Interestingly, they were made in Germany, put into the small cardboard box, then re-packaged in Australia into the larger VW Australia cardboard box.
I once sat them on a notchback for a photo but decided I didn't like them as much as I thought so they are now up for sale.
Still sort of NOS and un-bent.

This is the set for the rear air vents on a notchback (all years).
These (from what I can gather) are genuine German trims as well (happy to be corrected) and have been re-packaged recently (within the last 10 years) by a chap in Victoria, Australia to look like original packaging.
Also only sat on a notchback for a photo, I don't think they are the right look for either of my notchback's so they are up for sale too.
Mail me if your interested-

Thursday, 8 July 2010

NOS VW 1st Aid Kit

This is a very hard to find item. An NOS 1960's VW (Australia) First Aid Kit.
I managed upon this over 20 years ago while working at a VW Workshop part time.
I believe that VW sold a lot of them back in the day and they were a popular item, however I have only heard of a couple others in all the years since.
This will end up in the 1500 'S' glove box along with the original owners hand books etc.
One of the more practical accessories offered by VW and a prime candidate for reproduction.

NOS Fog / Driving Light's for the VW 1500

Here's a nice option for the early Type 3's.
An NOS set of fog or driving lights for the VW 1500.
These do turn up every now and then and I don't consider them overly rare - What is rare, is to see them mounted to an early car!
I don't have the balls to drill either of my good T3's to install them so these will likely remain in the box as they have done since the mid 1960's.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

WOB-A 961

While in Germany, driving through Wolfsburg, I wondered if it would be possible to have some replica plates made in honour of some of the original prototypes.

I found the local registration department and posed the question. 10 minutes later, I walked out with as accurate a pair of replica's as you are likely to get.

Give away - original near perfect all white VW-1500 gear knob!

That's correct - if you want this original all white knob as removed from a 1962 VW-1500 notchback many years ago, you can have it if you give me an early NOS white / grey gearshift knob that I require for my 1964 1500 'S' Notchback.

This could be a very good deal for you?

No the white knob is not for sale.

NOS T3 Full Circle Horn Ring

There are now reproductions of this much sought after T3 accessory. Very good ones at that!
This one is a little bit special as I managed to purchase it from the VW Museum in Wolfsburg back in May 1997 while on holiday. I was told by Paul Medhurst that if you ask the chap within the office to the side of the museum nicely, you would possibly be let loose in the NOS section of the museum. This I did and wow was I impressed. Wall to wall NOS goodies! I don't believe a lot of people knew about this part of the museum back then.
It wasn't long before I found this sitting on the shelf and to say it was a bargain at the time is an understatement.
I intend on installing this onto my restored original 1500 'S' steering wheel at the right time in the future.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

MK 2 Golf Panel Van - ring any bells?

Interesting to note that the MK 2 Golf was offered with a Panel Van option, much like our beloved Type 3's back in the 1960's and 1970's.
Also the pressings around the edge of the panels are just about identical in profile to the Type 3 version of 20 years + earlier.

DKP Squareback

A neat 1500 'S' Squareback amongst the DKP cars at the VW Classic 2010.

Not much more needs to be said.

Isotropic rem polishing