Saturday, 27 September 2014

Hollywood delivers again

I recently rediscovered a couple of old VDO gauges that were made to suit the VW's during the 1960's. I bought these back about 20-25 years ago from a VW workshop I used to mess about in.
The oil pressure gauge was NOS and in the box still.
The oil temperature gauge was in very good condition but the needle was faded slightly as you can see below.
Both of them had until this point in time remained untested also, so when a mate with an early Type 1 KM speedo said he wanted to get it restored by North Hollywood Speedo  (, I thought this was a good time to send my 2 x gauges off for the treatment as well because I may end up using them on the notchback as they tick the boxes for me with the theme of the car being 'period correct performance only'.
Here they are ready to go. Quite good condition and I know a lot of folk would just fit them as is.

The speedo was quite good considering it's from an oval and about 60 years old. Not common to find a KM one here in Australia.

This is the image that convinced us that it needed some love. If the hood is up on the car, this is what will greet you. Not very nice. North Hollywood re-zinc plated all of the gauges as part of the restoration works (as well as zero out the odometer, confirm the desired tyre size and calibrate to suit).

Quite nice. This one is NOS and never been fitted. I sent it off anyway just to make it an equal for the oil temp gauge I was also sending over. 

Again, quite a nice gauge and considering it was used, the face is excellent and over all could have been used as is but the needle was decidedly faded to a bit of a yellow colour.

This is the back of the oil pressure gauge. 

This is the back of the oil temp gauge. 

The backs of all 3 x gauges prior to sending over to North Hollywood.

And wow, here they are now they are back home. The work these guys do is 2nd to none and I can only recommend them for any VDO work you may also have.
As you may have seen in an earlier post, they have already done the 3 x original gauges for the 1500 'S' so if I end up using all 5 of the gauges, I can rest assured knowing they will all now work and due to the correct brand new senders also purchased from them, will probably be as accurate as is possible. Which may be a very good thing considering the beautiful little 1602cc engine I have ready for the car.
Next up for the gauges will be the purchase of some 6V LED's for the lighting of them I think. I have read some good feedback on them so why not give them a go. 6V globes aren't exactly bright!
The car that is getting the Type 1 KM speedo is also moving along nicely too and will end up being built to a similar standard to my 1500 'S' so that will be good to see / assist with as well.

Isotropic rem polishing