Saturday, 16 February 2013

Hot VW's Magazines

It was hot here today in Adelaide so I stayed inside and decided to tidy up the VW magazines by arranging in chronological order etc.
I need to find about a dozen Hot VW's magazines to complete my collection by the looks of it.

NOS Velvet Green L512 Notchback Fender Beading

Took me about 15 years but I now have 2 x sets of NOS Velvet Green L512 fender beading to suit notchback's. The best set will end up on the 1500 'S' and the spares will remain that way.
Some of the hardest parts to find thus far have been these!
If anyone has spares, please get in contact with me.

NOS green-walls for the 'S'

I found this set of NOS Olympic 15 inch green-walls about 20 years ago.
Made in Australia during the 1960's, the set of 5 are close enough in colour to the Velvet Green trim seals on the 1500 'S' that I will have them installed on the original notchback wheels at the appropriate time in the future.
One of them is a bit dis-coloured as you can see, so that will be the one that ends up on the spare wheel.
I originally bought this set of NOS green-walls along with a set of NOS red-walls and a set of NOS blue-walls. I wish I had never sold the red and blue ones on but anyway, I have managed to keep the green ones and those are the ones I wanted.
Rare hey.

Isotropic rem polishing