Monday, 3 August 2020

1500 'S' Crankcase

I have had the original 1964 'S' crankcase sitting in the roof of the garage for years because it was cracked. Not the worst news as these early cases are a bit rubbish with the small galleries, small hardware and lack of cam bearings... but I wondered if it truly was beyond salvage so got it down onto the bench after work  today.

As can be seen, I had previously faced the cylinder base areas and installed M8 case savers.

The 1 & 2 side was cast on 15th of June 1964 (1st shift).

The 3 & 4 side was cast on 2nd of September 1964 (2nd shift).
I find it quite odd there was such a difference between casting dates but suppose it's correct as the car was built on the 17th of September 1964 so it's unlikely to be incorrectly stamped.
I will be grinding out the crack to see how bad it is soon.

Isotropic rem polishing