Monday, 3 January 2011

MK 2 GTI update

Forgot to mention that the GTI should be back home in another week.
As you can see from the image, the GTI copped a bit of damage when some dick reversed into it a while back. I think on reflection it was for the best though as I have replaced the front hood, the GTI grille, headlights, the radiator support panel, all the wheels (Polo 15 inch alloys with low profile Michelin's), and the windscreen seal (there was a small spot of rust under there that required attention). I can't wait to see the car all freshly painted (the front half anyway...).
One of the reason's I have been busy of late is the fitting of a low mileage MK 3, 2.0 ABA engine into this car (while it's been getting the panel work completed). The original 1.8 GTI engine had a head gasket failure anyway so it was an easy decision. Not a straight forward conversion by the way!
A big thanks to Rhys for the good work on the engine installation thus far.


Happy new year all.
2011 looks to be a busy one for us here.

The bay window van is ready to roll out of our property and onto the next place to have the interior stitched, and the exterior slapped with filler and painted. So long as it stays out of the elements it should stay reasonable for a good amount of time.
That will clear the driveway of other people's cars for a while and will enable me to get back onto my own cars. I was looking at the panel van only this week (while polishing the chrome work) and thinking it needs to be taken out in the fine weather and enjoyed. A bit easier to do that with dead cars out of the way now. Looking forward to starting it up and perhaps giving the EFI a few tweaks as well now that I have another wide band A/F sensor (I always suspected the A/F sensor in the car was a bit off but had no way of proving until recently).
And of course the parts continue to roll in for the 1500 'S' notchback. I am awaiting a delivery of Okrasa 40hp cylinder heads at the moment which, once they arrive, will be machined out to suit the 83 mm cylinders and then installed onto the engine in that car which currently has a 74 mm SPG roller bearing crank, 83 mm P&C's, and various Berg internals. Looking at the engine externally you would have no idea this is inside and that's the way I intend on keeping the engine.
As for the intake system- I am undecided but am leaning towards either some altered stock 32 PDSIT's or some Zenith's on some short manifolds. Either way, the standard air cleaner assembly will be used to keep it looking standard.
I just remembered, I have an NOS crown aluminium flywheel for that engine too which is off at the machine shop right now being balanced so that will complement the SPG roller crank perfectly while I am at it. The flywheel on the engine is currently a 200 mm 'O' ring, 6V ring gear unit drilled to SPG 8 dowel pattern and lightened to 12.5 lbs. This will end up on my 'restored' spare 1500 'S' engine in the engine stand as we speak... but more on that later.
All the best for 2011 folks. I promise to do more updating of the blog too!

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