Saturday, 11 June 2016

TIG Time

You could be forgiven for thinking I haven't done anything for a while. Not exactly the case.

So after chasing some dead ends with respect to getting people to do some minor welding to the car, I finally asked a mate Ben (well known Formula-Vee chap here in Adelaide) if he was up for it and he agreed to do the work if I did all the nasty grinding and cleaning of the metal. Easy!

I started him off on some simple stuff that was out of sight so he could dial in his machine. A couple of holes here and there such as the 2 x holes as shown above which someone had drilled back in the day for a starter relay. I can easily address any imperfections with high fill primer but he knows what he is doing so it's all good.

As you can see from above, some of the nasty mud flap holes are now gone. Excellent. I think I will not be installing mud flaps in the future anyway as they weren't installed originally to my car (photo evidence suggests they were installed later in the 1960's or perhaps early 1970's).

And here are with some tacking in of the replacement metal around the driver's side rear bumper area that was holey. I cut the replacement metal from another 1964 1500 'S' notchback so the curves etc are spot on.

This should be completed this week if we get the time.

Pretty close fit. It's my fault it isn't as tight as it should be but hey.

And this is just a tidy up of an area that the factory left in a bit of a crap state. I smoothed the area down and primed it up again. All good now. These cars were not perfect from the factory that is for sure.

I hope this is the beginning of the momentum to get the car in high build primer and ultimately paint within the next year.

Thanks are also due to Greg Skinner for arranging the new Koni shock absorbers for this car. Appreciate the collaboration.

Isotropic rem polishing