Friday, 16 August 2019

EBI 2019 Type 3 #2

Found this NOS standard 1500 'N' model clock blank at the European Bug-In and bought it.

If you have a 1500 'S' model (later plastic interior trim (1965)), you know what these are.

T34 seen cruising around and I believe the engine managed to blow up while I was there!

Cal-Look notchback.

Dropped down T36 in the cal-look area.

1500 'S' front end work again

Missing just a few things now under the front hood- 4 x washers for the tank retaining bolts, 2 x connectors on the earth wires (you can't see them in this image), the 16mm ID hose from the breather pipe to the tank, the washer hose which I will get in the next week, and I need to get the liner (NOS) out of Germany which I have paid for already.

NOS earth wire from the suspension housing to the steering box.

Also note the brass fill plug which I install into steering boxes. The cover gets tapped 1/8 NPT and then you can easily check the level.

I am waiting on the lock tab coming back from silver zinc plating too for the steering bolt in case your wondering if I forgot it or not.

Original breather pipe (un-restored) retained by the original zinc plated tabs.

All original parts here except the bolts and rubber washers which are new Wurth brand available from Vintage Vee-Dub Supplies in Sydney.

Neat and tidy and ready for the last few things including fuel hose, brake pipes to the dual circuit and lock washer on the steering bolt.

NOS 311 switch boot installed that I found at the EBI show or Bad Camberg just recently.

Looking good under there up front. Close to being finished.

Might be time to drop the engine and get that attended to next.

Cal-Look #1 at EBI 2019

How lucky am I to see this amazing car with the owner from back in 1973?

Folk chewing the fat in Belgium.

Period correct engine in the bug.

The true believers were all surprised to see this car.

Original 'T' bars back in situ.

Fred Joly and I having fun.


It was worth the trip to Belgium just to see this. The genesis of the VW Cal-Look scene.

EBI 2019 Type 3 #1

Allegedly an NOS early T34 hood badge. Now that's an item you don't see very often.

Tidy anthracite Notchback.

Nice late 62 / 1963 notchback arse.

Wheels weren't too bad...

Not a fan of the paint or bumpers but hey it's an 'S' so that's something.

Dropped down T36.

NOS stuff.

Back of a pair of clean T36's.

T34 looking good. I must buy one of these...

Best rear end of any 1960's VW.

Style. The T34 has it in spades.

Great looking 1500 'S' T36.

So much rubber there. Looks mad.

So so good. The VW world now recognise these T34's as amazing.
Took a while for a lot of folk to get there but the prices are now reflecting this.

Early notchback rear with the large 1500 emblem and looks like French reflectors too.

Isotropic rem polishing