Saturday, July 3, 2010

NOS T3 Full Circle Horn Ring

There are now reproductions of this much sought after T3 accessory. Very good ones at that!
This one is a little bit special as I managed to purchase it from the VW Museum in Wolfsburg back in May 1997 while on holiday. I was told by Paul Medhurst that if you ask the chap within the office to the side of the museum nicely, you would possibly be let loose in the NOS section of the museum. This I did and wow was I impressed. Wall to wall NOS goodies! I don't believe a lot of people knew about this part of the museum back then.
It wasn't long before I found this sitting on the shelf and to say it was a bargain at the time is an understatement.
I intend on installing this onto my restored original 1500 'S' steering wheel at the right time in the future.

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