Wednesday, August 4, 2010

NOS RHD Berg Signature Handles - a bit special

I am stuck at home with a cold so thought I would post up images of some odd parts I have bought over the years.
These are the last numbered RHD Berg signature shifter handles that were made for each year.
I spoke to Gene about the 1995 handle while he was still alive and from memory he wasn't around by the time the 1996 handle was produced so I did some fast talking to secure that one when it was produced.
Not sure what I will ever do with them or if I will ever bolt one onto a shifter, but they are from an interesting time in VW history. The Gene Berg name was everywhere at that time and many parts featured on some of the best VW's produced and featured in magazines.
It is my belief that in time, some of the best early Berg parts will end up commanding original DDS and EMPI prices. It will be interesting to see if that's correct in say 15 to 20 years.

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