Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sneak peak. Non Type 3 content warning....

I don't get too involved with T1 engines anymore, but... I was approached to install the new Wolfsburg West dual port engine kit onto an old 36hp engine recently. Why not?
With a thorough cleaning of the old engine, I have now performed the installation of the dual port heads and sundry bits & bobs. Everything worked out okay to an extent. The CSP linkage still has a minor rubbing issue to contend with (hitting the generator stand) and I now have the 'OT' pulley for the engine so that is a step in the right direction (so the Taiwanese cracked pulley used to turn the engine over can get the flick).
The 009 is only there to ensure the engine turns over okay (if you leave the distributor out, you can possibly have the drive lift up slightly and screw the brass gear up- always have a distributor in place when turning over an engine!! I agree that 009's suck especially on 36hp engines!
I have a restored 010 ready to go for this engine now so that is sorted. I had the fuel pump rebuilt too while I was at it as the old diaphragm looked crap. Not good enough to supply fuel to 1 x carb, let alone 2.
Next on the agenda is to get the tinware sent off for some semi gloss bake enamel and then re-assemble all that with some of the original clamps and bits to attempt to retain some originality with the engine. I don't mind slightly worn original items on an engine if it looks period correct.
I must post up some pictures of my 'new' notchback too. Damn I am slack with the camera of late. Sorry about that.

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