Thursday, October 20, 2011

Engine updates - 2276 cc & 2028 cc

The 2276 cc is looking better now. Merged exhaust (1 - 7/8) got here from Vee Dub Parts Unlimited last week and fit perfectly.

Good silver ceramic coating job too.

Thanks Ralph!

As you can see, I also got the Gene Berg pulley bolt & washers so the JayCee pulley is now fixed to the end of the crank good and proper.

This is a nice little piece I bought out of the UK from Neil


Perfect bit of machine work.

Nicely anodised grey too!

Sorry about the shadow in the photo...

I don't think an oil cooler is going to be much of a concern on this engine.

Last job on the engine will be to fabricate the oil and fuel lines because I don't know where we are going to mount the oil filter until we get the engine into the car. I also didn't disturb the brass fitting in the case from when it was in the black VW.

Looks a little out of place but it isn't leaking so why mess with it?

A good view of the oil cooler block off.

The 2028 cc is also coming together quite well.

The short IDF manifolds are temporarily bolted on (still to be match ported) and I have borrowed a pair of IDF throttle bodies while I arrange for another set to be sent over from CB Performance.

I will get a set with the injector bosses drilled however and then get them cut down about 1 inch once they are here as there isn't a great deal of room under the Type 3 engine lid.

Similar to the oil cooler block off on the 2276 cc, I had this oil cooler block off made by Vintage Vee Dub Supplies about 10 years ago.

It routes the galleries out to the Earls oil cooler which is mounted near the gearbox and also cooled with a big thermo fan.

Works perfectly and keeps the engine looking good with minimal crap on top of the engine.

Time and time again I see that Type 3 engines when altered generally look like arse unless you do a bit of thinking.

I also route a small line to the mechanical Auto Meter oil pressure gauge as you can see.

Yes an MSD distributor will fit under the lid of a Type 3 but you will have to run 90' ends and alter the engine lid ribbing.

I also ceramic coated my engine lid to dispense with the factory insulation while I was at it.

The stock breather also looked out of place on this engine so I had the top of the original breather tower welded up and then I tapped it 3/8 NPT to enable a hose to be connected off to a breather mounted elsewhere.

Looks excellent when it's all connected and in the car.

If you use the MSD as the maximum height, you can see why I will be cutting down the throttle bodies - not much room to play with.

More photo's soon. Hope you like them thus far. 

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  1. wow!!!!!!!!
    this engine gives up to fear!
    will install in a dragster? hehehe
    great blog! great photos!
    already added the blog for you ... Meet our!


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