Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

Been a long time since the last post...

The 2028 cc is now running and looking like this:

I retained all of the stainless steel tin ware that was hand made for the 2276 cc but have altered it to fit (a lot of grinding!). Having the Porsche length rods on the 78.8 mm Scat crank tends to make for a narrower engine than the 2276 cc that was in there.

A huge thanks to Andrew for altering the CB performance 48 mm throttle bodies - he cut them in half (height) then milled them to make them flat again and then welded them back together to drop them down about 20 mm. The result is a pair of 48 mm IDF pattern throttle bodies like no other and it all fits perfectly under the lid. Excellent job and I wonder when someone will make them commercially available.

As can also be seen, I have removed the generator and installed a new Smallternator. I had it fitted up within about 10 minutes and with only some minor wiring changes to bypass the regulator it works perfectly. I thoroughly recommend it and a benefit that I didn't consider initially is the reduced weight of the engine. The only pain in the arse was the MSD distributor cap interfering with the alternator. I spent a bit of time with the power file on the steel housing that unbolts from the back of the alternator so I can now remove the MSD cap without too much bother. I doubt if many people are using an MSD or Pertronix on a Type 3 anyway so if you were to run an 010 or 009 etc I doubt this would be a problem.

And just because I could, I have replaced almost every coloured item on the engine with either black or grey items like hose ends and plug leads. Thank you to Rhys for the proper MSD crimper to make up the leads!

The engine runs quite well (considering it's using mostly the 2276 cc ECU mapping (sort of)) and as soon as I get my new cable to connect the serial port of the ECU to the USB of the lap top I will alter the programming to reflect the new engine. Should be relatively simple (!).

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