Thursday, September 26, 2013

Floor pan, sub frame and front beam ready for action



No battery tray rust, just a few dings to be knocked out.

Just dents. No rust.


Not certain but this hole looks original. Anyone know for certain?

Seat belt bolt hole to be welded up.

Seat belt bolt hole to be welded up.


The all important original chassis number.



Will cut the pan back open here, confirm the welds to the clutch tube are good and have it metal finished back to original shape etc.


Sub frame came up good.
Just a few small dings and scrapes to think about.

A big dent in the front beam which needs to be addressed.

Original front beam dipped and bare metal while I confirm it's straight and fit for re-use.

Original front beam number.


So a bit of work ahead of me now.
Lots of small dents in the floor pan to address. A couple of holes from seat belts to disappear.
Sub frame needs similar work and a stud welded back into it.
The front suspension is the main concern. I suspect it's a bit bent so will confirm that before I invest any time and materials into it.
Moving forward at a good pace. The car was complete and driving back in April 2013 so I think I am doing well.

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