Friday, November 1, 2013

October and November antics

What a busy couple of months since the last post.

The transaxle is now completely dismantled down to the gears and synchro's etc. Measuring everything up, 1 x shim is a little bit worn, 1 x synchro is almost at it's wear limit and that is about it. I will measure up all my spare shift forks, shift rods and synchro's while the transaxle is in pieces and if I can find better ones (I suspect the originals from the panel van transaxle are slightly better due to only 60k miles on them), I will mix and match until I have the best parts in this transaxle. It will be good to get it back together and up to specs as it is the original transaxle for the car.

The magnesium housings have all been sand blasted, wet blasted, degreased and cleaned 2 or 3 times and the next step for them is to go and get treated at an electroplater with what ever treatment they dictate which leaves the magnesium a gold coloured finish. This will then provide the 'etch' or surface to enable the 2k primer and black paint to be applied. This will happen during November with a bit of luck.

I have also finally measured up the front suspension beam on a granite surface. And yes, as suspected, it has turned out to be slightly twisted. Oddly enough this appears to be from the manufacturing process as there is no obvious damage to the beam. So with that, I have been making up some fixtures to hold the beam in a 100 tonne press and I will apply some pressure to take the twist out of it. It's currently 10mm out of whack (measured from it's extremities), so if I can reduce this to something less than that, it will be a good thing. The car drove perfectly straight and true etc so I can only assume it was like this from the factory. It will be worth the effort to straighten the beam as it is the original for the car.

I am also lead to believe the gauges for the notchback should be completed within the not too distant future too - these are all off at North Hollywood Speedometer . I am having them wave their wand over all 3 x gauges and bring them back to brand new specs (or better in the case of the clock which will have a modern movement installed). It's nice to retain the original items for the car and bring them back to life with fresh paint, chrome and zinc plating etc. Can't wait to see them.

As far as the oval window bug goes, I have just sent the repro BRM's off for a chemical dip and expect to get them back next week completely bare and with no more of that nasty shiny black paint. They look bloody awful when they are glossy and I think I will leave them bare alloy for that car. Perhaps I will just polish the ribs of them but that will be it. I have no desire at all to detail yet another one of my cars!

Professionally it's been a busy couple of months as I am about to change jobs, hence the lack of VW time of late. With Christmas coming, I expect a few more whole days will be able to be devoted to the notchback with the priority being to getting that mechanically complete as soon as I possibly can. I think the car is on the right track for the time being.

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