Sunday, June 21, 2015

Bodywork at last

Forgive me for not updating for some time now. My work has been manic to say the least and my home PC is a piece of junk! Anyway, I will be posting some images shortly of the rolling floorpan - yes - it is now rolling and almost complete. I have to finish the engine tinware and manifolding for the original carburettors (to adapt them to the Okrasa Heads) and then the engine will be 100% complete with almost all other items completed and sitting on the shelf.
The body has been purposely left until now. I have had the doors, the rear fenders (NOS) and the front and rear lids chemically dipped, de-rusted and etch primed (doors already shown earlier in this blog). I am still chasing a pair of NOS front fenders to suit this car however if nothing turns up in Australia I will just bite the bullet and import a pair from Europe. I wont rework junk panels just to satisfy a deadline or budget (I have neither a deadline or a budget for the car but you get the idea).
First step was to make up a solid base onto which to sit the car while the works are underway. Thanks to Paul with the MIG, it's all done and dusted and the shell is sitting at a decent working height for 90% of the repairs to be undertaken. Once these repairs are complete I will likely get the frame rolling and use that transport the shell for it's various trips from the body shop and home etc. That's the theory anyway.

Here you can see the shell with the replacement section I will slicing metal from to fix the rust under the back window. Enjoy the images. More to follow soon once I get a new PC!



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