Saturday, October 3, 2015


Woke up this morning and thought what a nice day to cut the rust out and expose the insides of the heater channels etc.

This is the passenger side rear area that has obviously held some water in the past. I hope this looks a lot better after chemical dipping and rust inhibitor which is to occur shortly.

This is one of the areas on the passengers side heater channel that had a small amount of rust about to pop out.

Yet another slightly rusted area that needed to be exposed on the passengers side.

An overall photo of the passenger side rust situation. Not too bad considering some of the cars I have seen restored of late.

Another photo of the passenger side rear. Note also the factory caulking compound held water and rusted the metal. I may end up lead wiping this once it's rust neutralised.

Bloody holes from mud flaps which were fitted during the 1970's by the owner. While they were genuine mud flaps and looked good (and I have some NOS ones put away), I don't think I will be installing another set to the car this time around.

This hole was for a baby seat mounting point under the rear seat. That will disappear soon.

I was an idiot and installed a parcel shelf many years ago. The 2 x holes drilled into the bulkhead panel will be welded up. No parcel shelf for this car now.

Parcel shelf hole.

This is the only real damage to the body shell. It appears that the previous owner had a minor bingle that damaged the lower edge of the fender and smacked the body slightly here. I will get this pulled out and welded then lead wiped to rectify it. Nothing major.

There was minor pitting to the metal here on the drivers side so I exposed it. I would rather leave this area open for now so when the shell is chemically dipped, all the chemicals get into the cavities and drain out. An easy repair.

More mud flap holes. Wont take long to rectify these.

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