Wednesday, 29 January 2020

1500 'S' Front Finished

After months of looking for all the correct pieces I am happy enough with the front compartment to call it done. The hose for the breather pipe was a big hold up with it (who has this hose available now?) however (unbelievably) I had a section of new cloth wrapped hose in the garage that fixed that!

As shown above, I wasn't sure if the sender wire ran over the breather pipe, however I moved it below to protect it as that seemed logical (as below).

The washer hose is still missing as I can not locate anything right now but that can be dealt with as I find it later. Otherwise it's pretty well perfect.

It's great to see another whole section of the car completed. The 2 x outer screw holes to secure the cardboard to the firewall have been left out too for now as it was going to pull on the cardboard more than I was prepared to accept (this liner cost way too much $$$ to damage).
The rear compartment is next with the installation of the original side trim panels which requires some contact adhesive spray to make it all work (which entails a lot of masking up and prep work). Sounds like a job for the weekend to me.

Isotropic rem polishing