Monday, 2 March 2020

1500 'S' Windscreen installed

I got up the other morning thinking I need to make a move on some of the outstanding items for the notchback such as the windscreen which I had previously installed with a seal I wasn't happy with.

Here is the car ready for the screen to go in. Apart from carpet and the front seats, I think were all good here.

I do need the 2 x correct slotted screws to secure the 45' grey foot plates as I have just seen!

As you can see, the antenna wire is there ready for the radio in the future. I have purposely left the Blaupunkt radio out at this stage to enable the carpets to be installed with a bit more room.

All done here. Note that I have left the steering column in original worn paint condition as a nod to the original owner. I think that was a good move regardless of folk thinking I'm a moron!

Seat release cables and gubbins all completed (all NOS too!).

Seat release lever attached to the cable.

Seat release cable secured as per original.

And here it is with the windscreen installed (original German marked item!). The trim is original too from this car and although not 100% perfecto I felt it was OK. The seal came from ISP West from memory and sits 99% perfecto. I believe that over time it may sit slightly better but it's as good as the black car in fit and finish.
The original wiper arms and NOS blades are now fitted up where they belong and look spot on. Closer every week now.

Isotropic rem polishing